Feb 21

In its Fall 2020 issue, Solutions Journal published a policy framework proposal by Stan Cox and me, designed to quickly and safely (for society and the economy) ratchet down production of fossil fuels and, thereby, the emissions they cause. It is capable of faster reductions than the Paris Agreement and the IPCC have contemplated -- that is, this policy proposal is emergency-based rather than carbon budget-based.

I hope you will give it a close look. You may post a comment here, or write to me directly at: Rad@RadReduction.org.

Cap and Adapt: Failsafe Policy for the Climate Emergency
By Larry Edwards, Stan Cox | Solutions Jrnl, Vol. 11, Issue 3 | Sept. 2020

Decades of continuing failures to achieve globally-agreed climate policy that is sufficient and fast enough to solve the climate change emergency is evidence that an additional policy track is needed, while the UNFCCC continues its effort. The article proposes a national-level policy framework that is capable of quickly cutting fossil fuel emissions to zero. If implemented by a major CO2 emitting nation, or better yet a club of a few such nations, a credible attempt could then be made to persuade other nations to follow suit. They could do so individually, or ideally en masse at a UNFCCC Conference of Parties. The article's proposal could break the global climate policy logjam. The proposed policy has three components.

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Download a PDF here , from this blog site.